We’ve created a completely new approach to Training and Employment for the industrial sector and the construction industry.


How is this different?

We provide full one year training and employment placement

Unlike traditional worker training operations, which provide only minimal hands-on training, NorthernNations will provide students with a full one-year program that includes real in the field training, and follow this up with real employment placement. From operations training, to mentorship in the field, NorthernNations is able to take students from green to gold.

Why does this matter?

The Construction Sector is facing a significant skilled labor shortage. With upcoming projects, the construction industry will not have enough skilled staff needed to complete the workload. Current industry training programs are not equipping workers to be prepared for the job site. With limited on-site training, workers get trained, but they do not become employable. NorthernNations is looking to change this with new Training Centres, Training Process and a new employment model.

Training centres

Unlike traditional worker training operations, which provide brief hands-on training over a short tuition-based instruction period, NorthernNations Cooperative Training Centres will provide students with a full one-year education and apprenticeship program.

Training process:

We offer training process to take a student from the classroom to the job site.

1Educational Phase:

A tuition-based education program period ranging from three to six months based on course curriculum; and state of the art classroom training.

2Internship Phase:

Ranging from six to nine months where apprentice workers will be employed as entry-level workers on working-campus sites as well as civil construction projects

The curriculum of NorthernNations Cooperative Training Centres is focused on providing the fundamental building blocks of civil construction skills many of which skills are unavailable through current education channels or existing training programs.

Employment strategy overview

Our Training Centers program is sponsored in part by a group of civil industrial and pipeline construction companies who have constant demands for skilled workers.

Graduate students from the education phase of the Program will be provided Internships for work within the Sponsor’s construction operations extending the total training period up to 12 months as Student-Interns begin their careers as paid construction workers.

Many of the NorthernNations Cooperative Training Centres Worksite-Campuses will be established within working civil construction and material processing operations.

In this manner, products and services of value can be produced within the learning environment; with revenues available to partially offsetting the NorthernNations Cooperative Training Centres educational costs.

Lastly, the NNCTC can be a resource for Member First Nations looking to hire skilled Indigenous workers for in-Community infrastructure projects.